The 5 Best Tricep Exercises for Mass

Today, I am gonna discuss the biggest part of the hand’s muscle tissue – triceps.

Although a lot of guys spend most of their time at the health club building biceps, triceps are as important as biceps.

Triceps are greater than biceps so if you favor to increase the strength and dimension of your arms you need to do workout routines for triceps.

How frequently need to you do exercises for triceps?

Triceps is a smaller muscle in frequent which ability you can do exercises for this muscle once a week.
Triceps workouts are normally executed on your chest day given that the triceps are already surprisingly warmed up then.
When it comes to sets and reps, I advocate you do 3-5 different workouts for triceps, 3-4 sets, 8-15 reps!

1- Triceps cable pushdown

  • If you like workout routines that involve cable, then you are up for a treat.
  • You need to do this workout with each arm.
  • Put the weight you want and start exercising.
  • Pull down the cable and try to pull up as lots as possible.
  • Try to maintain your elbows as close to your body so that you want extra effort and engage your triceps at the most.

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