7 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in 28 Days

Fitbreezy has found a series of exercises that will completely transform your body in just 28 days. You do not need to spend money on a gym or special equipment – you only need 15 minutes of willpower per day.


How to do it: Plank is an isometric (static) exercise the place the rule is to maintain your physique correctly. Follow the instance above: maintain your lower back and legs straight barring sagging or arching.

Results: If achieved correctly, the exercise works the abs, back, buttocks, legs, and arms. It additionally improves posture and established muscle tone.


How to do it: The preliminary function is a plank with straight arms. From there, decrease yourself as away as you can. Make positive your back, pelvis, and legs shape a straight line. Then slowly return to the initial position.

Results: Affects the chest, arms, and belly muscles.

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