Arnold’s Classic 4 Exercise Chest Workout Old School!

Schwarzenegger’s peak physique holds the reputation of “the high-quality of all the time”, no one can argue with that. Not only that his basic improvement set him apart from many bodybuilding legends of his time, but his iconic chest used to be one of the largest and fullest in all of bodybuilding history!

When it comes to building a huge chest, there’s no better authority than the seven-time Mr. Olympia champion who placed the main emphasis on the importance of having an impressively sculpted chest, even even though we have witnessed huge boom in the size of physique rivals over the previous three decades. Arnold labored challenging and heavy to construct his chest, coaching his chest three days a week and regularly alternating his chest workout routines with his equally challenging and heavy returned sessions. His no-nonsense strategy to education shortly paid off and only five years after devising his chest-blasting routine, his chest went from 39’’ to a gorgeous 58’’!

Muscle Confusion

As we all know, Arnold was once a large fan of muscle confusion and TUT, which he regularly completed with the aid of enforcing pause reps when coaching his outer pecs with heavy dumbbell flies. He did this with the aid of taking the dumbbell all the way down and getting the most stretch, then bringing them to lower back up solely to three-quarters, stopping proper earlier than the weight reaches chest level. If you look at any Arnold footage from his golden days, you can notice that he went without a doubt deep on every rep, with his higher hands going near perpendicular to the ground at the bottom. Now add some three-quarter dips to the combine and you’ll be right on the avenue to Arnold’s famous chest fullness!

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